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Coco-Berry Carrot Muffins

May 28, 2021 1 min read

Carrot Coco-Berry Porridge Muffins

Coco-Berry Carrot Muffins, these little friends are SO delish. Super soft centre, crispy bits on the outside, 100% healthy and a perfect on the go snack, can't get any better than that. I can't stress enough how super moist these little guys are, it's like eating a cloud that has been to heaven and back!

Banana & Blueberry Muffins

December 06, 2020 1 min read

The ultimate go to snack, our Banana and Blueberry Muffins are super quick, super easy and most importantly super delicious! Have them as an on the go breakfast option, snack or... just whenever you want!!  

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